A heat wave blew into town last week,

She came from the island of Martinque,

The can can she dances will make your fry,

The can can is really the reason why

We’re having a heat wave,

The temperature’s rising,

It isn’t surprising

She certainly can, can can.

(Lyrics to Heat Wave by Irving Berlin)

There is a heat wave here in the Midwest. It’s one hundred degrees most days for months now.

The Midwest is doing the can can. The heat wave can can.  Mother nature certainly can can.

Will our presidential campaign year continue to heat up until it turns to drought, too?

In Heat Wave by the Who it says:

I got a heat wave

Burning in my heart

I can’t keep from crying

Tearing me apart

Will our political year tear us apart? Or will civility, kindness, patience, endurance win the day?

As the lyrics continue:

Just give me another chance

This could be a new romance

Will there be a new romance in politics or will there just be more of the same on steroids since Citizen’s United unleashed unlimited spending, no disclosure of who is funding this all?

Will it be as Irving Berlin’s 3rd line says:

She started a heat wave

By letting her seat wave

In such a way that the customers say that

She certainly can, can can.

Gee her anatomy makes the mercury

Jump up to ninety-three, yes sir!

Are we going all the way up past ninety three in this election cycle or will something, some policy, some weather change make it cool off?

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