Mary anoints,

Martha works, works, works,

Mary listens,

Martha chatters on,

Visionary Mary

Work horse Martha,

Is life all work and no play?

Is life all concrete, controlled, socially acceptable rules,

Or is life to be beauty, vision, sweet light oils to anoint, point to creation’s beauty, goodness, sweetness.

Are Martha’s domestic skills artistic, or purely utilitarian?

Is the meal Martha put together pleasant to see and smell, or just grub to feed the many?

What is this biblical parable saying to us?

Rest, work,

Art, work

Work, rest,

Work, art,

Doing, Being,

Cloud of unknowing,

There is a balm in Gilead,

There is healing,

Where is the Physician?

Alpha and Omega,

Omega and Alpha,

Alpha and Omega,

Omega, Alpha,

Infinite possibilities, infinite goodness in both doing and being,

In both listening and speaking,

When done in awareness, vision, purpose of anointing, receiving, giving, accepting.

There is a vibration, energy, light, awareness that there is indeed

A balm in Gilead.

There’s a balm from Mary that  Jesus recognizes;

And quite possibly a slap up side of the head from Martha!

A verbal slap anyway-a harshness in the hustle bustle!

Where’s your Martha today and your Mary?

Is there such a possibility for balance?



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