As I lay on my back in my beautiful high ceiling room with it’s stained glass window that I helped to design; with this luminous deep blue lake, mountains, and river birch trees, I went into a sort of altered state of being while praying.

Steve Halpern music was playing on my computer and then it segue way-ed into Why are you not listening? (song)–I will add some of the words to that song later.

Five minutes into meditation/contemplation, my Swissy dog barked, “Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!” Shush, hush, I countered!
So I thought, “I am in the temple of the barking dog.”

I thought: this is typical living in day to day noise and haste, with it’s interruptions, barking noises; city noises of building construction,of cars driving by, people barking up their respective trees.  Oh, I must focus and go deeper into meditation. “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there is in silence……………..(Desiderata)”

Then I thought, “I am in the temple of the living water.” (no I’m not in a lake or swimming pool, I playfully thought). Although floating is meditative.

I heard a brief sound of water trickling in the music I was listening to, waterfall sounds. Awe, I can imagine positive ions coming from waterfalls!
Spiritual, practical, life giving water is sacred to  life.  After all, we all are made up of a majority of water, and a majority of water covers the earth.

My mind went to world peace (you know like no more drones, nuclear weapons, raping of land and resources by dumping toxins into our waterways, our soil, our air), no more turning away from preventable disease and distress (my public health preventive medicine mind and totem was kicking in).

And what would it take for people to wake up?
To respect one another to learn from one another (maybe we need to use the sacred feather or talking stick like Native Americans–so that the person holding the feather or stick will be truly listened to as they talk, while the listener actually listens instead of preparing in his/her head what counter argument he/she wants to say).

To act out of true love for oneself, for earth and all that is in it;  and one another; and as Native Americans say for all two leg-eds, the four leg-eds, winged creatures, living plants, four winds, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  “All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all…..”

I envisioned a big healing bubble surrounding the earth that was trying to protect, heal, strengthen the good around the world and lay waste to destructive powers. Shalom, tikkun, heal, be healed came to mind. Thousands of people praying this same sort of prayer entered my mind.  To do no harm…… do good daily.

I breathed deeper;
I envisioned people at the contemplation center praying in silence for forty hours, taking turns in deep meditative, sacred prayer.

I envisioned  healing of deep wounds;
But not without pain,  but like a bandage ripped off a wound.
Healing that will take time, patience, listening, hope with courage.

Then the song by Michael Card: Will You Not Listen came on:

Will you not listen?

Why won’t you listen?

God has spoken love to us….God has spoken peace to us

Listen to the sacred silence…listen as He speaks through living

God has spoken hope to us.

Why will you not listen?

Parables that must be heard.

Listen to the holy word.

Why will you not listen……………

Normally, I would not think of Michael Card’s music, but it just happened to pop up on the playlist as I was meditating to while lying next to the computer.

Hum, I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?

I will be listening.

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