We work with what we are given

I have been given the love of words

Love of deep meaning

Beyond the obvious

A poet’s heart

I soar with the hawks that soar over river bluffs,

I am four legged dog who stretches, sighs in my sleep.

I am the snow—crunchy, icy, to be thrown to the side to make a pathway.

I am the hungry, cold woman who is trying to find a warm bed, food for my belly, a cup of kindness.

I am the tree limb, stretching out my arms to embrace snow,

Open to wintering birds, who eat my red berries.

In am a soaring eagle, a whimpering dog, a laughing hyena

Natural earth woman

Waiting for sun and moon to wax and wane.

JK Archer

2 thoughts

    1. Hi Rita:
      Thanks. I hope to read your writings. Today I have been reading: Women in Poetry: Writing,Revising, Publishing and Teaching edited by Carol Smallwood, Colleen Harris, and Cynthia Bracket -Vincent.

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