It looked like layers of pink and baby blue tissue paper

Laid out in alternating stacks

That is the sunrise this morning.

It got me wondering about beauty and truth?

What gets me up in the morning?

A good poem to read upon awakening?

Smell of coffee with a spot of milk poured out by loving husband?

Rose and baby blue layers of new birth morning lighting my way out of darkness?

Steadiness of routine of eggs

I make in the skillet for the both of us

Leafless trees silhouetted against the morning sky

Rooted deep in dark damp earth

What keeps us going, my dear?

Morning after morning,

Year after year?

Is it memories of your blazing red hair, rippling chest muscles, musky smell?

Laughter, deep voiced comments?

The laughter and deep voice remain

Amid white hair and beard

Of wizened man.

What keeps you going my dear?

Is it memories of toned, tanned hour glass figure

Golden hair, energetic, bouncy girlish body?

Laughter that is still there

Ever ready at a moment’s wit.

Are we in the winter of our lives?

Where does it take us?

What gets you out of bed in the morning, my dearest?

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