I am thirsty
I am in need of restoration.

I am seeking the thin places around the landscape
To experience the presence of God.

I experience hospitality and give hospitality,
I am being healed and am a healer.

I strive to get to the prime life Force.
I dance the whirling dervish dance.
Then I come to a focal point and perceive life.

I touch, see, hear, embrace feminine reality.
Leave behind numbness.
I laugh, cry, brood, sing, dance, write, walk
Look deeply, carefully at details.

There is a well deep inside.
It is renewing it’s bountiful turquoise waters.
Whirling, replenishing, quenching thirst I did not know I had.
It is rising up
It is full of tidal waves
Lapping over the walls.

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