Do you ever feel like lamenting?

The kind in the Old Testament,

Throwing ashes all over your body that is clothed in sack cloth?

There are ants and mice in the pantry.

Your stomach has turned sour for days now.

Sunny, cheerful people make you wonder how they do it all the time?

Or are they just faking it?

O dear Lamentations,

The Fall of Jerusalem.

There has been destruction without mercy.

The young and old are lying on the ground in the streets;

The young women and men have fallen by the sword.

I called on your name, Creator,

From the depths of the pit;

You heard my plea, “Do not close your ear to my cry for help, but give me relief!”

You came near when I called on you;

You said, “Do not fear!”

You have taken up my cause, O Creator,

You have redeemed my life.




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