Where does soul reside?

In the heart, the head, the body, the image of God in us?

In music, nature, art, invention, imagination, loving human relationships.

Got no soul…

What does that mean?

Depravity, sterility, unkindness, rigidity,  sucking the marrow from each other’s bones.

Taking more than giving.

Lack of imagination, no vision, little music, or art, or laughter.

How do we feed our soul, so that it’s vital and visionary?

Through loving relationships, forgiving actions,

Treating those beyond our circle of family, friends, who are considered “other,”

With dignity and respect, especially those in dire need of food, housing, healing.

Can a nation have a soul?

A nation is made up of people, and those people have souls.

What is reflected in a nation’s soul?

Vision, respect and dignity for all?


A sucking sound of pulling the marrow from those people different from you, not in your tribe.

And giving intense energy to those people who know how suck hardest to the detriment of those who choose not to be succubus.

These are soul suckers who are not hungry, but are spiritually in need of that which they are not getting, who are self destroying, while “other” destroying at the same time. Power hungry for what reason? Is there a void? What is the antidote?

This soul-less succubus is deflating hope, stealing vitality from all souls.

Thus making dry, lifeless bones, Ezekiel’s dry bones

That beg for breath and life to once again envision hope, healing, soul force.

What sort of nation do you live in?

What do you have to do with your nation’s soul?

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