This January beach was cool, windy, jacket weather.

Seagulls continued on hunting for tidbits.

It was an ordinary day for them.

It was a full circle trip to the beach for me.

Years ago I sat on this beach, tanned, young, my life before me.

This visit I sat on this beach, smiling, chilled, and calm

Looking at my sandal feet,

Wondering about my life before me,

Clicking picture after picture in a type of Zen photographer’s meditation.

Hypnotized, slowly, deeply breathing, intense in my concentration, away, away, away.

As a child, I could sit in the short cut area with it’s tall grasses, brook, large oak trees

Watching birds, grasses blow in the wind, hear sounds of grasshoppers on the land.

In deep concentration, childish wonderful free giggles at frogs on brook’s limestone,

With free Zen mind.

This day, I sit in concentration of each seagull, footprints in the sand, ebbs and flows.

Coming full circle or at least in spiraling circle, away, away, away, up, up, up, and down again,

Over and about again,

Here, here, here.

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