Swissy Girl finds sun 2015

Burrrrrr…fifteen degrees is the high this afternoon on this February day. I look around the room and see our dear Greater Swiss Mountain dog basking in the sun coming through the window. She is so relaxed and seemingly soaking up vitamin D for her body. I think to myself that she certainly knows how to care for herself and live in the moment finding light.

How good at finding light and appreciating it, am I, I wonder?

You are the sun
I am the dew
Gifted with life for a moment or two
That I for my time
May sparkle and shine
O Sun, come fill me with you
O Sun, com fill me with you.
—–Peter Mayer—–

These elements of fire, earth, wind, and water are on my mind today, especially fire and one of it’s forms, light.

I desire to go sun myself before the light is gone today.

Relax, imbibe in her rays,
Glow in her warmth,
Flow in this day.
Light emblazoned around,
Blessing of fire
Swelling my heart.

Find your fire and passion
Now, now, now!

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