Morning Dove

She is so graceful

With her gray brown silky feathers

Peering at me from the backyard fence

I startle her and she leaps up from the ground with a shriek.

She gently settles on the branch facing me

Is she there in synchronicity with my morning reading, prayers, meditations on Luke 9 and Luke 10?

On walking the way of peace even among wolves.

After all, she is a dove who symbolizes peace

She stretches her wings out a few times

She seems to stare at me

We humans struggle with violence and nonviolence

In empire, war, poverty, nuclear weapons and environmental                                                                                                    destruction.

I hope to spend more time with this beautiful creature

Taking in her presence

On this sunny, green, budding Spring morning

In the western hemisphere that is sending

violence to my great sadness.

In the name of God only knows, surely not in my name

For the God of peace that I know

Does not send out weapons of death, hurt, destruction

But sent me Jesus of peace and the Galilee seventy two of Luke 10

To invite people out of war, poverty, and empire

Into a new life of loving nonviolence (footnote: p 13, John Dear, Walking The Way)

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