Truth be told

I persevere

Especially from January to April each year

When this old family business requires

The gathering of tax papers.

There are paper after paper after paper after paper after paper

Folder after folder after folder after folder to be organized.

Mail to be opened six days a week, trash to be recycled.

I am doing double time keeping the business I already run in time with the plethora of new tax reportings streaming to me by mail to desk to letter opener to file folder to my tax preparer.

And then there is the occasional rogue business report that is inaccurate.

This goings and comings between office and tax preparer continues in monotonous regularity

Week after week after week after week.

Until the monstrous pile of paper is summarized, itemized, simonized, cauterized.

I am getting too old for this foolishness,

Death and taxes

These are sure things in this life.

But what kind of life is this?

I spend one third of the year doing this crazy dance and for what?

The people in Congress do not do what I would desire for the people I care about

For the democracy I care about, for the peace, justice, dignity of my community.

I am bone tired of all of this.

With all the technology we have why can’t we figure out a better way to report and pay taxes?

Why do my taxes have to go to unending war?

Why do my taxes have to go to give a pass to the one percent-ers who do not pay full share?

Or in many cases one percent-ers do not pay any share, since off shore accounts and loopholes abound.

This seems to be such a lopsided nation.

Truth be told I am tired of seeing the pirating of money that goes to the few being used in elections against all democracy and common good, common decency.

And then this group who does not represent me giving my taxpayer money back to the one percent-ers and those who go into unending war.

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Benjamin Franklin

I will take taxes still because I am not ready for death.

Yet, the grim reaper will certainly come someday, if taxes don’t kill me first!

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