Rooted in Living Water JKArcher 2015 

Water themes seem to arise throughout my time on earth,

Baptism when I was a child

Water sprinkled on my head, ticklish, cool.

Covenants made to keep me in the faith

With supportive family and friends called “church.”

I attended myriad days at the local public swimming pool,

In sunrise swim team practices,

We were a water based community of young people often in the water all hours of the day and night.

We played water polo with a ball and nets.

We rode an old bicycle off the high dive jumping in the water at the last-minute.

We were wild, untamed teens doing crazy water experiments without adult supervision when we could get away with it.

On swim team we swam lap, after lap, after lap, after lap by gliding through cool, slippery, silky water.

Our coach was a young man who led us in swimming drills.

We were supported by public common good of our community, blessings we took for granted.

Swim competitions involved jumping off starting blocks, swimming more laps with people cheering, swimmers striving in choppy, wavy, restless water.

Our teams joined many swim teams for AAU swim events with heats of swimmers placed in competition by their times for swimming hundred meter freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly.

We camped out all around the Homestead Country Club in tents with our team, like tribes.

Our tribe was public and some of the tribes were private.

This was one of the first places I learned about class-ism.

Then there were hundreds of days over many summers in intense, bright sunlight, hovering over the highly populated pool as a lifeguard,

I retrieved drowning children more than once when hearing children’s cries of panic, or seeing silent panicked thrashing.

I saved neighborhood children with lifeguard skills that had been passed on from other generations to sustain life.

Some unlucky or dare-devil children would hit their head on cement falling off the high dive,

So I would retrieve them and float them in the deep end until EMT’s arrived.

Water is buoyant, healing, relaxing.

Yet you can drown in water if you do not know what you are doing.

My affinity to water and her healing powers must be like a tree that has her roots very deep in underground quenching streams.

Deep connection to healing powers of water recurs for me often.

I get energized from seeing waterfalls, walking around a lake, swimming in water, walking on an ocean beachfront.

The element of water is fluid, yet can be ice, be vapor, ever-changing yet life-sustaining.

Life can be like that.

It can be fluid, icy, or hot and steamy from one day to the next depending on what streams are available for my Spirit.

I must expose my spiritual roots to streams of available sustenance or whither up and lose spiritual energy.

Living water is out in the world and at the Source, if only I encourage myself to receive her refreshment, jump in and get wildly wet!

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