Dear Summer,

Last night you had a tantrum.

You shook the house, blew down scads of branches in all the trees outside.

Summer you must have cried buckets of tears, four inches at least.

Summer, I was awakened by your anger with cracks and kettle drum sounds.

Could it be that Old Man Weather is getting the best of you?

Is he heating up the argument by melting those polar ice caps and sending down waves of the cold shoulder

to be met with your warmth?

Is this coming from our Old Man Weather’s spite?

Or does he have help of those two legged creatures who like to drive all over your clay formed friend, Earth?

Have you had it with carbon dioxide going too much to your friend, Tree?

Where’s the oxygen?  A girl needs to breathe!

Dear Summer, my friend, I hope that you got it out of your system.

I hope I can be a better friend.

We two legged-s do not know if we can deal with many more of your tantrums!

I guess we want only the sunshine, green and multi-colored growing plants, without all the hassles.

We like the long days of light and cherish being outdoors in calm canopies of trees.WP_20150626_15_21_53_Pro WP_20150626_15_21_59_Pro WP_20150626_15_22_13_Pro WP_20150626_15_23_52_Pro

I hope that does not make us  fair weather friends?

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