WP_20150515_10_30_07_ProDear SummerWP_20150619_11_45_57_Pro

Your beautiful petticoats are showingWP_20150619_11_44_39_Pro WP_20150530_13_16_24_Pro WP_20150619_11_43_45_ProWP_20150530_13_17_27_Pro

There is green, green, green everywhere

You are a vision that waves in the wind like a hula dancer’s skirt. WP_20150619_11_45_25_Pro  WP_20150619_11_45_06_Pro WP_20150515_10_31_31_Pro

I see layers of purple, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue in your blooming flowers.

A shocking can-can dance of color.

A purple clematis  is growing,

Climbing up wrought iron supports,

Winding her arms around the place.

You have no shame.

You show me everything from your pods to your fruits.

You beckon the chickadees, sparrows, robins, woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals,

Bees, wasps, cicadas sing their wild songs.

You send your hot winds like love’s hot embrace.

Dear Summer,

You are hot and sensual,

Only to leave, dropping your leaves

In the Fall.

Fallen, like a stripper removing layer after layer of dress.

Keep encouraging me to dance with you all summer long

Like lovers dance in a deep embrace.

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