Eccentric (adjective): deviating from recognized or customary character, practice, irregular, peculiar, odd.

Eccentric (noun): deviating from recognized or customary character, or odd personality, or behavior pattern.

Astronomy eccentric: deviating from a circular form, as in an elliptical orbit.

I was raised up in main line United Methodist tradition with the quadrilateral of placing my learning experiences into: experience, scripture, reason, tradition. For me Jesus was radical and do I dare say eccentric, yet he practiced some customary Jewish traditions like Passover, he was raised in Jewish tradition. But to turn the other cheek when someone hits you is not regular, nor is loving your enemies a very customary American trait that I can see.

I have spent the last ten years learning all I can about peace movements in the USA and around our world. I have learned about Christian Peacemaker teams who stand in solidarity with people in the mission fields against wrathful, hateful powerful people who have done such things to their community members as to torture and to disappear them in places like Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Middle East. I followed the peacemakers who have won the Noble Peace Prize like Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams of Northern Ireland.

Don’t we need to be just a little irregular to make peace and go against the status quo of unending war and ramped up violence? I am willing, how about you?

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