JK Archer 11-2015

Today, I will listen more than I talk at the Thanksgiving table.

I will ask each person for what they are thankful.

When my turn comes I will say to my husband these words:

Love of my life,

Steadfast, innovative, humorous, creative,

Father and husband,

Hugger, and maker of each morning’s coffee.

One who delights in watching tomatoes grow in our garden.

And has empathy for people beyond yourself,

A rock in times of trouble,


And the heart of my heart.

To my brother I will say:

“Big brother,”


Generous with others by sending them birthday cards consistently year after year, and anniversary cards.

In spite of problems that you did not choose you are:

A person can get up each day and cope by putting one foot in front of the other and treading on, getting on with life.

You are kind hearted and aware of our dog’s communication.

For one year, you realized that she needed to go outside by her whining when we just thought she was begging for Thanksgiving food.

Dear brother, you share family history with me and for that I am grateful.

Since we can converse about Father and Mother and know what blessings we had in such loving parents.



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