He said to me, “You are an earthy woman, natural.”

Did he mean that I was comfortable in my skin much like my dog who knows no other way to be alive but to be “natural.” That is a tail wagging, a herder who seeks my hands to rub her ears and scratch her neck?

My professor said to me, “You are the salt of the earth.”

I was only 21 years old and how was I to take that?

I wondered, am I stalwart, honest, hardworking?

She said, “You have beautiful eyes.”

I pondered, ‘Are the eyes a passageway into the soul?’  Do I have a beautiful soul?

He said, “You have a gorgeous smile. I would like to see you smile more often.”

In smiling, am I helping to light up the world with hope?

Would the world be a better place if people smiled and laughed more often?

He said in a teasing way, “Dammit, Janet I love you!”

Was he saying he enjoyed my playful personality?

She said, “You seem to be happy most of the time.”

Was she saying that my happiness buoyed her hopefulness in looking on the bright side of life?

He said, “You see spiritual issues differently than I do, and that has opened my eyes to a different way of looking at the world.”

Was he saying that he will care enough about his health and wellness that he will take the time to seek Sabbath, contemplation, and time with the breath of life, which is my lifeline?

Papa said to me, “You have your Mother’s positive, uplifting disposition.”

Did Papa see that as I cared for him in his old age and was working toward drawing him out of his funk?

Momma said, “You have your Papa’s stubborn nature, which when turned to persistence is a good thing.”

Was Momma saying this to help me to persist, even when times got tough, and I struggled?

Today she said, “Your makeup looks good. I wish I still had the inclination to put on make-up every day.”

Is she saying through her very wrinkled face that she has reached the Velveteen Rabbit stage?  And even though her buttons are missing and her fur worn off that she is loved? I hope it is true.

These are some of my reflections today. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. At this moment, it is night time, and I am sleepy. So adieu and good night.

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