I thought I was helping a goose in the middle of a parking lot at Tremont Square near Hen House at 64th Street. He seemed like he was going to get run over in the parking lot and was injured. I called first my local veterinarian, and got another phone number to call of those who care for wild animals, but their hours were over for the day. I walked near the goose with a box and some soft clothes to help get him out of the parking lot. He stood up and hissed at me and started walking, so I shepherded him to a grassy area around the shopping center and left. I found out later by conversing with the local dry cleaners that he was in the area protecting his female who was sitting on a nest next to the dentist’s office. I drove by the dentist’s office last week and the mother’s goose is gone, and so is the daddy gander. So, the Tremont goose story is passed history, but caused a lot of discussion around Hen House and all our community shops in Tremont.These geese are more than “bird-brained.” They have intelligence beyond what we humans give them, and I hope we all begin to appreciate our part in nature and are kind to one another, respect all nature.

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