“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”  Henry David Thoreau


“Get along with the walk if you please!” my Greater Swiss Mountain dog seems to say.

Down to the river,

In the sweet by and by

My sweet doggy and I

Go strolling by the Missouri River in a place called English Landing Park,

In the middle of the USA on a bright sunny day.

I appreciate Greater Swiss Mountain dog who lives in the moment.

It reminds me to pay attention to what is happening right now.

We are well into a new millennium with so much happening and occurring through social media in “real time,” around our country, and around our world.

Tragedy, gun shootings,  physical violence, and hateful rhetoric.

GSM dog doesn’t know of these happenings.

We are in the Zen of walking, breathing, panting.

For deer pants in nature and so do I.

I was humming, “I will follow You, wherever you may go.” (a song from Sister Act 1).

I found God in nature this morning, breathing with me. Ruah (Hebrew word for the breath of God for you Bible readers and theology types).

God is here in our every waking and sleeping moment in the fact that we breathe.

And as the joke says, “God is dog spelled backwards.”

GSM dog is helping me breathe better.

And don’t get upset with my statement my dear theology student, I know mysterious God is more than my earthly dog.

But there is a bit of Holy in all creation.

Often my four-legged friend is a better creature than many humans on God’s green earth.

Native Americans call her one of the four legged groups of creation.

First Nation people revere all nature.

I can learn from that insightful way of living.

Breathe in God, breathe out woes, breathe in peace, breathe out more woes.

Breathe in life.

Simply breathe, live, laugh, and hope.

Keep on walking, participating and doing in the Mind of God.



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