Rooted in Living Water JKArcher 2015When I was in the botany section of my biology class in high school,

I began to realize trees breathe…

Trees have breathing mechanisms called stomata on their leaves.

Trees take in carbon dioxide that is human waste breathing…

Then these shade wonders give off oxygen at night.

Humans breathe in the oxygen and breathe out the carbon dioxide.

Trees breathe in our carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.

How often does a human process this miracle and give thanks?

Humans and trees are linked together.

Go, trees! Go Creator! Go best examples of humans!

Humans would be wise to use this knowledge to be in simpatico with trees.

Humans are you listening and doing tree care actions?

Trees, are you listening?

Humans, are you paying attention?

I think I just saw a tree wave in recognition.

Or was that the wind?

When will humans wake up and support Brother Tree?

Or are humans just blowing in the wind?

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