Beautiful swallowtail butterfly

You have yellow eyes along your edging,

Black stripes that are tiger-like,

Blue tail lights make you that make you visually stunning.

You went through metamorphosis from a caterpillar to butterfly.

That makes me laugh.

Because as a caterpillar,


You have a stink gland that poppped open when threatened, giving off an odiferous smell to tell the offender to back off.

Is that where the old saying, “Don’t make such a stink about it,” comes from?

When threatened, many people make a stink about it, not unlike you in your undeveloped caterpillar form.

Now you make an extraordinary, striking visual statement.

Visually, you are a sweet fragrance and not off-putting.

You seem not to be making a stink about much of anything anymore.

When a person grows up and becomes a full butterfly,

Does he or she quit making such a stink about slights, injustices, and transgressions…

And become more beautiful, colorful, and able to become what he/she is meant to be in the world–one with the universe and less abrasive?

Or will there always be a dark side along with the lighter side of each human being, sometimes stinky, sometimes fragrant that has nothing to do with transformation?

Will most humans become less abrasive when threatened, after years of experiences, insights, chances to transform into refinement?

Or does that depend on the human becoming a butterfly?






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