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Here is Saturday Night Live’s satire on the state of college admissions at highly coveted universities in 2019:
“He is “a fourth generation legacy.” He probably has gotten the stabbing out of his system!” And “He is from a family that can give lots of money to the university

“Lori Loughlin fired from Hallmark Channel as her alleged role in …


Mar 14, 2019 – Fans of the actress’s work on “Full House” and the Hallmark Channel remain … most famous role as Becky Katsopolis on ABC’s hit sitcom “Full House. … of facilitating bribes to get their children into prestigious colleges and universities. …. to cheat for her daughter so she could getexactly what she wanted.”.

Will they act with morality like Einstein did in caring about world peace and nonviolence, making major discoveries to aid the world; and like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mary Oliver, Joan Chittister, Dorothy Day, Parker Palmer, Richard Rohr, Dorothee Soelle, Jan Richardson, William Barber who bring love, peace, value to living in our world instead of just taking what they can get? Or will they be violent, destructive, entitled grifters like a current entitled, spoiled, morally corrupt person in our White House and his minions? What kind of leadership will both private and public universities encourage? Is everything about money and rapacious grabbing for the golden calf?

At a certain point what value is there owning one more building or thing? Why take advantage of people and pay so little for labor? Why be so cruel? Economic cruetly is at an all time high.

These 2019 cheater parents did not get away with bribery without willing university staff aiding their unethical behavior. We are becoming an unaccountable, dead society. Finally, a group of the college cheaters got caught! Accountability at last!

It is time for a societal reset.

For to whom much is given much is expected.

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