How do I strike a balance?

What I want to do: play, walk in nature, do art, look at art, do photography, look at photography….laugh, have a glass of wine with a friend or two, laugh some more.

While I still make a living, pay bills, pay taxes in this my last quarter of my life.

After years of playing by the rules.

Rules be damned!

When I might be laughing with my grandson!

Play is his middle name, at his two and half years of inquiry!

Planning and going on an exotic vacation.

Australia, New Zealand are calling my name.

Laughing some more, exploring new horizons, painting a new canvas?

Butterfly Resurrection
JK Archer took this in late summer at Powell Botanical Gardens, MO

This life often seems so absurd some days, if I dare turn on a cable news station and listen to the pundits talk about the slow and not so slow destruction of our democracy.

Why do I still have to care?

Yet, I do care.

When and where is there rest for a weary soul?

Where is the balance?


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